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If you are having a last minute meltdown about Christmas shopping, then please stop and read on! Online retailers, www.Ijustloveit.co.uk, have kindly supplied the team at Women UK with their list of top gifts for Christmas – and, there is something for all the family!

It’s official, the countdown to Christmas has begun and the present-buying panic is in full swing. To help ease the (often painful) process, I Just Love It has pulled together a list of its Christmas bestsellers to help make shopping a bit easier. For the full Christmas range, click here.

  1. Personalised Children’s Books/ From £8.99

Give the gift of the written word to a young one this Christmas by way of a Personalised Children’s Book. These books help to educate all ages and also encourage the use of imagination – perfect for developing minds! Each book can be personalised with any child’s name and a message, and a range of stories are available, including Disney Frozen Fever, When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney, ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, Spider-Man and more.

  1. Personalised Football Books/ From £24.99

These personalised books are the perfect gifts for any football fanatics. Whether it’s for a supporter of Aberdeen, Everton, Man City or West Ham, there are 61 teams from the English Premier League which are available to purchase and personalise. Each book covers a history of the selected team over the last century, including memorable games, the stars (past and present), and news reports which were written at the time. Designs include a Classic Leatherette Cover in Black and White, a Classic Leatherette Cover in Colour or a Luxury Leather Cover with colour options.

  1. Personalised Stationery/ From £4.99

For the story-lover, the budding artist, the thoughtful note-writer or for someone who just loves a bit of stationery, treat them to a unique present with something made especially for them. There are Personalised Notebooks for documenting thoughts, Personalised Children’s Stationery for those who are happy to just scribble away or Personalised Stationery Accessories which double up as special keepsakes for loved ones.

  1. Engraved DIY Tools/ From £14.99

To encourage any serial-hobbyist or dedicated-DIYer, an Engraved Hammer or Gardening Tool Set is an ideal gift. Each product is made from heavy-duty carbon steel for product longevity and both sets can be personalised with any message on the handle.

  1. Engraved Cheeseboards/ From £14.99

At the time of year when fancy cheeses grace the majority of Christmas dinner tables post-turkey, a cheeseboard with a personal engraving can suddenly turn a once-standard table topper into a unique and classy centrepiece – especially topped with a variety of delicious cheeses. The Engraved Cheeseboards are available in a range of woods, including a rubberwood Engraved Mouse Cheeseboard Set, a beech wood Chilli and Bubble Jolly Christmas Cheeseboard and a hevea wood Round Cheese Board Set, to name just a few.

  1. Personalised Alcohol Gifts/ From £9.99

Whether it’s a present for an experienced alcohol connoisseur, a gift for a host with the most or as the Christmas toast tipple, a beverage is always welcomed at the festive time of year. It could be a red, white or rosé bottle of wine to complement dinner, beer, cider or lager for those with acquired tastes, a bottle of bubbly Prosecco to mark the celebrations or a small glass of a favoured spirit over ice to end the night. Add a personalised message to the bottle’s label as a special touch for any receiver.

  1. Newspaper Gifts/ From £9.99

Wedding dates, birth dates, important history dates, life-changing dates; everyone has those moments they don’t want to forget, and now, they don’t have to. Giving someone a Newspaper Gift is offering a unique keepsake like no other; one they’ll treasure a lifetime. Each newspaper product features high-quality reprints tailored to a selected date, including a Front Page Reprint to remember a particular headline, a Special Date Newspaper Book for a day that shouldn’t be forgotten or a Historical Newspaper Book to remember a specific year or time. Original Newspapers (genuine copies) are also available. Each gift will provide any recipient with a special keepsake of a personal moment in time.

  1. Personalised Chocolates/ From £3.99

Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate? Thanks to advent calendars, it’s the one time of year where it’s acceptable to eat some dairy goodness before 10am. For someone quirky, the Great British Chocolate Fish & Chips or Tool Box would go down a treat, the Personalised Christmas Chocolate Bar in Xmas Pudding, Stocking, Santa or Snowy Trees bar wrap designs fit in with the festive theme or for something (almost) too realistic to eat, the Chocolate Hammer, Padlock, Key or Golf Iron and Ball make unique gifts.

  1. Engraved Silver Gifts/ From £6.99

Sometimes the best presents are those that can go the distance and remain sparkling for many years to come. Personalised Silver Gifts are sophisticated presents that can be given to all ages; the Engraved Teddy Trinket Box is the perfect newborn gift, the Personalised My Family Keyring is a beautiful memento for any parent whilst  the Personalised Silver Cufflinks look amazing gracing any shirt sleeve.

  1. Wooden Children’s Toys/ From £14.99

At times, you just can’t beat a classic wooden children’s toy to encourage creativity and imagination through the means of play. Create realistic or extravagant scenarios with any little one by playing with the Wooden Village Shop, the Cord or Floral Rocking Horse, the Carpenter’s or Junior’s Tool Box, or the Magical or City Train Set and Table. Each toy is crafted beautifully from wood and helps to develop a world of fun role play possibilities.


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