The Perfect Day Out

Women UK had the pleasure of an Escape Yachting Experience. On a warm but blustery August evening we arrived at the picturesque marina in Lymington in the New Forest. We had booked an afternoon and evening yachting experience through Escape Yachting a delightful concept that gave landlubbers the opportunity to experience the delights of sailing across the open waters of the Solent.


So the three of us, spanning two of the older generations arrived in a gentle state of expectant anticipation. Once aboard the beautiful glistening white yacht and joined by six more guests. We were looked after expertly by the skipper and crew.

As we motored out of the harbour we were handed glasses of champagne and to the gentle lap of the waves and the clink of glasses we hoisted the sails, well, we drank and the crew hoisted, but the sails were up and then came magical moment when the engine was turned off and the boat, crew and passengers began to glide majestically and peacefully across the waters.

Most of the guests, couples apart from us, had had the forethought to bring additional alcoholic refreshments with them. To fully appreciate the gentle and stunning evening and under the watchful eye of the crew, we made our way to the bow, or front or pointy bit of the boat, made ourselves safely at home and enjoyed the stunning views, great company and the delightful early evening rays.

After a while we anchored off a very pretty bay and the crew then got to work on providing a really first class dinner of Salmon with cream pasta. Its never easy preparing food for guests but on board a boat and on a smoothly rolling sea they did an excellent job and the food was delicious.

As the sun began to sink, there was a whisper going around the boat that something was about to unfold and all but one of us on board were made privy to the fact the a romantic wedding  proposal was about to take place. The question was popped, as was more drink, the answer was yes and we all cheered.

A wonderfully romantic gesture in a superbly romantic setting.

As we set back off towards Lymington harbour several of the guests were given the opportunity to take the helm and enjoy the experience of wind and sea as we headed for home.

Al in all, an excellent time, great value and a magical experience.. UK Women would highly highly recommend this to all our readers as a beautiful and romantic afternoon and evening. We will definitely be going back! For more information or to book your Autumn outing please click here


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