Personalised Skin Care Launching in the UK

Unique device combines patented technology and breakthrough anti-ageing formulations to deliver a personalised regimen. At Women UK we love the thought of our own personal unique skin care regime

ageloc me

Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc., a global leader in anti-ageing skin care products and nutritional supplements, announced the introduction of ageLOC Me®, a smart Skin Care System that provides a personalised daily regimen based on individual preferences and skin care needs.

ageLOC Me® brings together Nu Skin®’s most advanced anti-ageing skin care technology with a unique delivery device for a truly personalised daily skin care regimen. The device dispenses a customised regimen of anti-ageing product based on a Skin Assessment. The assessment, available as an application on your phone or via website  skin care needs through a series of questions about you, your skin and your preferences to determine a customer’s specific set of products from about 2,000 combinations.

Each day and night regimen is precisely dispensed to save time, reduce complexity and track usage for efficient application and effective results. Initial consumer studies indicate more than 90 per cent of users found ageLOC Me® made their daily skin care regimen more convenient and that it made sticking to a skin care routine easier.

“ageLOC Me® represents the convergence of three important trends – the growing consumer demand for product customisation, the growth in anti-ageing skin care and the advent of unique technology in our daily life,” said Dr. Joseph Chang, chief scientific officer. “The result is a truly unique product that provides an equally individualised experience. Nu Skin®’s extensive experience and research in these areas provides customers a personalised skin care regimen from a single, unique device that is easy to use.”


ageLOC Me® will be available in the UK and Ireland beginning March 2016. For more information, please visit

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