Online Dating? Would You?

If like many people you find yourself unexpectedly single in later life you may find that by the time you juggle, work, home, school and family there is not a great deal of time to get yourself out there and to meet new people. Trying to date the old fashioned way, in a bar, at a party or some other social gathering or shared interest just may not be possible. This is where on-line dating can come in very handy.

Going online can mean that not only can you save a lot of time, you can also meet with people that you would never normally have had the chance to meet in any other set of circumstances. It also allows you to choose the kind of relationship that you want. So whether you want something, fun, serious, a bit flirtatious or something a little more full on, you’re the boss. The whole world is at your fingertips.

There are hundreds if not thousands of sites to choose from so searching for the one that suits you and the one that you feel safest and most comfortable with is essential.

Some of the bigger sites like, Facebook, Tinder, Elite, eHarmony and Match are all fairly well established so have some fun and check them out.

Once you have found the site, or sites you find are best for you what comes next is the actual match making. Let’s face it if you can bypass all of those tedious conversations at parties by asking what he does in his spare time and then he wont shut up about it, it has to be a good thing. Most sites allow their members to set their own search criteria, ie, tall dark, skinny, blonde, bald and spotty, whatever you are into you get to choose. More importantly its about what you are looking for.

There are of course other sites that do the whole compatibility thing, you put in your data, he puts in his and away you go. These sites tend to match their members on personality and emotion and would be more for those looking for their ‘soul mate’

Your profile, or shop window should of course be as interesting as possible as this is what all the other members get to see. There may be of course a slight temptation to exaggerate or to put in the photo before the Christmas binge but remember the idea is that you get to meet someone and this is the first impression. So make the most of it. Share as much or as little as you wish and that you are comfortable with and see what happens.

Like with everything in life on line dating does have its distractors but as many thousands of happy couples will tell you it has proved to be a very successful way to meet friends, potential partners, lovers and soul mates.

There are the usual caveats about making sure you are safe and of course by definition it is a very different experience from glancing across a room catching a look and feeling your breath quicken, but this is the 21st century and we are busy and practical people.

Dating and meeting has never been easy, finding the one, a one, the most important one has always been a stab in the dark but maybe, just maybe when you get home from work, get the kids to bed, pour yourself a glass of Pinot and turn on your computer, he may just be waiting for you.

Good luck.



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