Making Your Holidays Cheaper?

We’re delighted to be teaming up with WeSwap to bring cheaper holiday money to Women UK readers! 

WeSwap is a prepaid currency card that is supported by MasterCard. It is up to 90% cheaper than other currency exchange competitors and provides all major currencies from Euros, to US dollars, to Turkish Lira.

If you want to give them a try, WeSwap is offering £10 free travel money exclusively to Women UK readers if you sign up through this link. Click here

Once signed up, they’ll send the card straight to your front door. It’s as easy as that.

So what is WeSwap, why is so cheap and what’s wrong with the old forms?

WeSwap say that the “traditional way of doing travel money is broken”. Places like the Post Office often claim to offer 0% commission but the fees are loaded (basically hidden) into a poor exchange rate.

The British public lost an estimated £5.6 billion last year on hidden fees and commissions from banks and bureaux. That’s a lot of ice cream by the pool! WeSwap are putting an end to that by making travel money fair again.

Their technology means that when you load your card and ‘exchange’ to another currency, they are actually swapping your money with a traveller coming in the opposite direction. Hence the WeSwap thing.

For example, if you were heading to Hungary, WeSwap would match you with a traveller coming to the UK from Hungary and you would swap your pounds with their Forint.

Whilst that might sound a little complicated, from a customer perspective using WeSwap is easy. They handle all of the ‘swapping’ bit you just tell them what you need and when you need it.

When the swap is complete, your card then acts just like a normal debit card – either pay over the counter or withdraw cash from ATM.

Who has time to go out to collect their travel money in town before a holiday anyway? There’s sun cream to collect from Boots, that case to get down from the loft… and you need to get Buster to the kennels!

You’ll pack your We Swap card with your passport because it becomes that essential to travel. You can top-up your card at any time (as long as you have Wi-Fi) and track all of your spending on their easy-to-use smartphone app.

So no nasty shocks when you get home either.

Written with the help of Liam Clarke, editor at (


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