Get an International Currency Card and a Gift!

Women UK are delighted to introduce you to a fabulous WeSwap prepaid currency card. Sign up today and they’ll put £10 onto your card – exclusive to Women UK readers. Going on holiday? Travelling for work? We love that with this one card you can use for 18 different currencies including Euros and Dollars so stressing over holiday money can become a thing of the past with the best Travel Cash Card – especially since they’re up to 90% cheaper than other places on the high street, life abroad just got a whole lot easier.  And it gets better! WeSwap are giving you £10 free with your card when you sign up through Women UK as a gift. No credit referencing and your travel cash card delivered to you!weswappp2


So how does it work?  Like a new trend we have seen in business over the last few years, WeSwap your currency has now gone down the social business model. Think AirBnB or Uber or Amazon,   Weswap are now using the travellers themselves to swap currency from one traveller to another. Each “WeSwapper” gets a WeSwap card delivered in the post, it’s supported by MasterCard and there is no credit referencing.

You load your card using your debit card or online account and then ‘swap’ to another currency using their really simple App. The traveller now only needs to pay a tiny commission for their currency while cutting out expensive charges or lower exchange rates. Simple as that! Money left over on your travel card after your holiday? Just swap it back to your bank account. We love it!

One of the most frustrating things about traditional providers is their lack of clarity when it comes to pricing and fees. Ever feel frustrated of seeing providers boasting about 0% commission but then hiding their fees elsewhere. For example, bureaux may claim to charge 0%commission but they are usually just hiding a fee somewhere else – like in a poor exchange rate! Not good enough!

They’ll offer you €1.10 for £1 but really the interbank exchange rate is £1 = £1.30. €0.20 commission is neatly hidden in the rate. Sneaky isn’t it?

WeSwap always exchanges money at the inter-bank rate and we are always open about the fees we add on top. We charge 1.4%1.3% and 1% – all depending on how quickly you need your money. In comparison, a bureaux de change at an airport could charge you up to 11%

Ever found yourself confused when using ATMs and card machines abroad? It’s no surprise – they are deliberately confusing. Using your WeSwap card abroad is easy. Luckily you can avoid paying unnecessary and expensive fees by following one fairly simple rule…

THE GOLDEN RULE: When withdrawing money from an ATM abroad, always choose to be charged in the local currency. The wording might change slightly from one terminal to the next, but in short – you don’t want the machine to be involved in an exchange of currency. 

You use your WeSwap card just like your regular debit card at home in ATM machines abroad.

So readers of Women UK, get your FREE card now and enjoy £10 with your first loading. Tell your friends and let them also enjoy this! Click this link



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