Call to Legalise Humanist Weddings in UK

It seems that we Brits take our ceremonies in life and death very seriously. Whether it be a wedding, Christening or funeral, you just can’t beat a good one.

As a country we are in the leading pack of changing and challenging the way we do things. We seem to love everything Humanist.

There is a growing call for England to follow Scotland and legalise Humanist weddings, a trend that is growing as we as a secular nation take our non -belief very seriously.

The British Humanist Association claims that the non religious in this country are now the largest belief group, with some 15 million people.

So it should follow then that when we marry, name our children and die we as a nation are beginning to do so outside of any religious faith. Many of us have been to non religious ceremonies and they have become relatively common, the legislation that is needed to change the law is surely just a matter of time.

Isabel Russo, the head of ceremonies at the BHA ( British Humanist Association) has said ‘that thousands of people have been clambering for these services to be legally binding and find it crass and confusing to understand why at present we need two ceremonies, one to sign a bit of paper and the other for the celebration’. Often of course it is the latter that is the one where months of planning, choosing the right words and setting the scene is what people consider to be the wedding itself.

Blake and Althea Hutchins form Leamington Spa wanted to do something very different and chose a circus theme for their wedding, even practicing on the trapeze for nine months to stun their guests.

But fear not if tradition and your faith recoil at the very thought, the Church of England still claims that they facilitate more than 6000 mixed ceremonies every day, the numbers are declining but it will be a very long time before the Church wedding disappears from our shores.

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