Beast From The East!

As Storm Emma hits the UK this week, how much do we plan for? Is it going to be world apocalyptic as some sensational news feeds are telling us or will be a cold snap that last three days?

As this front comes in from Russia and is now branded ‘Beast from the East’ we have predictions with wind chill to be -15C in places. With most of the UK predicted to have snow, please spend a moment to think what you may be able to do for elderly neighbours and the homeless.

Elderly living close by may not want be out in the weather so a friendly call to see if they need anything can go a long way. A hot drink or a meal to a homeless person may be a lifesaver. With homeless charities working hard to help people living on the streets this week, extra measures have been put in p;ace to limit casualties.

With travel disruption eminent, take care to plan ahead for any essential travel and limit any non essential travel. Check flights before leaving home and expect delays this week.

On the up side, get your toboggan out, have fun in the snow and wrap up warm!

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