Are We Turning Into Our Mothers?

It’s something we’ve always feared, and now a new study has revealed that turning into your mum is inevitable.

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The research by Interflora pinpoints the exact age this transformation is likely to happen – 27 years old – and it takes around five years to come to terms with, and accept, the change!

According to those questioned, these are the 15 tell-tale signs:

  1. Hoarding carrier bags
  2. Swapping Saturday nights on the town for Saturday nights in
  3. Beginning to let comfort win over style
  4. Always writing shopping lists
  5. Often moaning about the weather
  6. Having a bag that weighs a tonne
  7. Constantly tidying up
  8. Starting to complain more – especially about the weather and bad customer service
  9. Buying in bulk when there’s an offer on at a supermarket
  10. Having an emergency medical supplies stash
  11. Developing a ‘phone voice’
  12. Carrying an emergency pound coin in my purse
  13. Ironing everything, including pillowcases and underwear
  14. Modern music starts to sound the same
  15. Carrying tissues up your sleeve

Commissioned ahead of Mother’s Day (March 6th), the study questioned 1,500 sons and daughters from across the country about the relationship with their mums, and forms part of the flower delivery company’s campaign to champion the positive influence our mothers have on our lives. For more information, visit:

mother daughter

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