Spring Woodland Weddings….

We’ve all been swept away in a land of fantasy at one point or another. What girl hasn’t romanticised about meeting her very own Robin Hood or Prince Charming? Fairy tale hero’s from childhood dreams follow us into adulthood – and why not!

With ‘woodland’ themed weddings becoming more common, the theme allows the bride and groom to unleash their creativity on unexpecting guests – making the whole experience unique and one that they will remember for ever.

If you are planning a wedding and looking for a more natural theme, a springtime woodland wedding could be the perfect choice … here are just a few reasons why people are opting for this kind of event over a more traditional hotel based wedding …


  1. Flowers – Springtime sees a beautiful arrange of woodland flowers. Natural, hand tied bouquets are stunning at this time of year. Handfuls of bluebells, foxgloves and daffodils, to name a few – as table decorations, add the perfect woodland theme to any table.

  2. Dining – the traditional wedding breakfast is very formal. A woodland theme lends itself to a much more relaxed dining experience; Think game, hog roasts, medieval banquet dining and rustic fayre including different breads, cheese and cold meats are perfect for this theme.  For drinks, think of caskets of real ale, UK produced wines, and Elderflower Champagne to toast.

  3. A woodland themed wedding would see lots of long flowing dresses in the style of Maid Marion or a fairy tale princess. Combine crushed silks with velvet and lace. Mix up the colours! Sage, lilacs, cornflower blues, soft oranges and pale reds all lend themselves to this theme. For the men think elegant waistcoats over billowing shirts, medieval pants and period breeches. Lots of texture and different colours bring a certain charm.

  4. A marquee in a glade will create the perfect woodland retreat. Using a carefully selected range of soft furnishings, lanterns, wildflowers and natural foliage will create the perfect woodland ambience.

  5. Entertainment for a woodland wedding could follow a couple of different genres – maybe a string quartet or harp playing for the banquet. Liven things up with a folk band or create a mini festival with lots of different acoustic bands.

Whatever your theme for the big day, remember it’s all about you and it’s all about having fun! For more information please go to www.arabiantents.com


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