Healthy Wine? Yes Please…..

The wines are organic, natural or biodynamic and are all made by small artisan producers who make only a small quantity of exciting and delicious wines each year. Most importantly however all the wines have minimal chemical intervention, so no toxins and an overall much healthier product.
And with a  guarantee that none of the wines will ever be found on the supermarket shelves it all sounds too good to be true? At Women UK we wanted to check out The Wine Butler, a wine membership with a difference!
Co Founder of the Organic Wine Butler, Harry Sands, along with former international cricketeer, Kevin Latouf started this natural wine company. He says,  ‘It is because of this reason that our wines have become most popular with health-conscious women, who care less about some of the pretense that traditionally goes with wine and more about an excellent product with an interesting backstory that doesn’t leave them feeling hungover in the morning’.

Organic, biodynamic and natural wine isn’t something that’s preached by hippies for the sake of trying to be different or cool, but to respect the environment, look after the land and also to drink something that isn’t laced with additives and chemicals.

‘Unfortunately, we all know that too much of anything is bad for us… wine included! A hefty hangover after a boozy night will tell you that. When choosing a wine, we tend not to think about anything but the grape variety and – let’s face it – the label on the bottle. Like with food, we tend to have rose tinted glasses about where it comes from and what’s really inside. We ignore and perhaps don’t understand the real damage these artificial sprays and chemicals can have on our bodies. There have been numerous chefs who have brought to our attention the importance of eating ‘real’ food, grown naturally by farmers who care about their produce, without the use of sprays or added nasties. As a result, the rise in organic food produce has boomed over the last decade. So why don’t we think the same about what we’re drinking? If we eat organically, why not drink it too?’ The Wine Butler THE_WINE_BUTLER_0411_0003

Here at Women UK, we love the idea of a natural, chemical free wine! With membership packages from £49.00, what a perfect gift for someone you love OR to keep yourself.
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