Don’t Bin Your Bra’s

Women UK have partnered with Adventure Aid charity on this amazing initiative to raise bra’s for Women in Africa. Here at Women UK, we have been overwhelmed by your generosity and the bra’s keep coming!

The problems faced in Tanzania and other countries in Africa and indeed other parts of the world are;bra 3

1. Bra’s are considered a luxury item and even though an important one for a women, it comes way down the list after providing food for their family and paying for the education of their children. In some communities, if a women does buy a bra it can be considered as an unforgivable sin.

2. Women are less likely to be sexual assaulted if they are wearing a bra as it gives them prestige, and the attackers fear a higher risk of retribution and underwear is an obstacle to an attacker.

3. As a luxury item, a bra can fetch the equivalent of a week’s pay and in some communities women are being offered the opportunity to leave the sex trade and  provided with second-hand bra’s to sell to allow them to earn a much safer income.

So, take your pick, all good reasons to collect as many bra’s as possible for our new project and we welcome you to participate but we do need funds to get the “bra mountain” out to our partner charity so before you send please TEXT BRAS10 £5 to 70070 and 100% of this goes to this project only. bra

Adventure Aid is a charity run by Ashley Platen Mills ‘We create adventures which bring people together from different walks of life in a common goal to help small children charities across Asia and in doing so changing their lives forever’.  With ‘sell out’ trips to India, Nepal and Sumatra to name but a few. Adventure Aid works with small local charities to deliver aid straight to the local community. These trips are a fantastic adventure for ordinary people like you and I to really see first hand the great work that Adventure Aid do.

Women UK will be following the ‘bra journey’ with Adventure Aid of the thousands of bras donated by women here in the UK all the way to the local women in Tanzania. We will keep you posted. For more information, please contact us at or go to Adventure Aid here


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