The Nation’s Christmas Shopping Habits Revealed uncovers the nation’s Christmas Shopping habits – revealing the importance of finding the right gift and a new meaning to last minute shopping!  It’s important to find the right gift…

 In a survey conducted by, one of the most prominent facts discovered is the importance of finding the right gift, if you don’t a) want it returned b) sold on eBay or c) re-gifted! In the survey, found that 36% of people have returned a Christmas gift, and 24% of people have sold an unwanted Christmas present on eBay.

But it seems re-gifting is the most popular way of getting rid of unwanted gifts, a surprising 60% of people have given an unwanted Christmas present as a gift to someone else – that’s what we call festive recycling!

It is women that are the worst culprits when it comes to re-gifting, with 63% of women admitting they have re-gifted before, compared to just 45% of men. But we do our best to be thoughtful gift givers, 92% of people said they try to get the right gifts for people.

If you want to find the right gift, why not visit the website for gift inspiration, a huge 76% of people said they would like to receive a gift experience for Christmas, but whatever you do don’t go for the usual bathing products or socks; these were rated amongst the worst presents received.

75% of people surveyed said they don’t give out a Christmas gift list to loved ones, but that’s not surprising considering 87% of people prefer to receive surprises! What a selfless nation we are, 87% of people surveyed said they prefer to give gifts than receive, and we don’t leave out our pets, 70% of people who have a pet, buy or have bought Christmas presents for them.

Christmas spending… It was revealed that generally people spend most on their partner or spouse, followed by their children and then parents. However, men spend more on their partners compared to women, and women spend more on their children compared to men.

Christmas can be an expensive time of year, nearly half of people surveyed said they buy presents for 10 or more people and 47% spend £500 or more on Christmas in total. With all these presents to buy, a well prepared 54% of people save in the run up to Christmas and 40% of people said they start saving 6 months or more ahead of Christmas.

 Online shopping vs. shopping in stores…

 Most people prefer a mixture of shopping both online and in stores, however 41% of people said they have felt the wrath of other Christmas shoppers in stores, so this could be why 30% of people prefer to shop online compared to only 11% of people who prefer to shop in stores.

If you need to do your Christmas shopping in a hurry, online shopping was the best option for saving time as an efficient 32% of people said they completed their whole Christmas shopping online in 2 hours or less, and 29% of men said they completed all their Christmas shopping in one hour or less! However, 15% of men did say that they just buy what is convenient as long as the price and quality are okay!

It’s never too late to shop…

It’s never too late to buy Christmas gifts, even for the last minute panic buyers. The very latest of shoppers can still purchase a gift on Christmas day, to avoid that awkward moment when they realise they’ve forgotten someone or haven’t spent as much on someone as they have on you… don’t fear there is still time! Customers can visit the website on Christmas day and have a voucher sent automatically to their email inbox the same day, it couldn’t be easier!

run santaLast Christmas 2014, received 4,134 product orders on Christmas Eve – a 7% increase on the previous year, and over 1,000 orders were made actually on Christmas day!


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