Renewable Energy .. Make That Change

Most of us over the age of 18 in the UK are aware of global warming. However as a nation, our high dependency on fossil fuels continues to put increasing pressure on our planet and the resources that are available.

Even though most people are aware that globally, we need to be looking at other ways to source energy and heat, many are not really clear on the different options.

So how do we make the changes need to help our planet? There is a lot of information out there to educate us on the different forms of energy and there are also lots of grants available for those of us who want to take the first step towards saving the planet and reducing our carbon footprint. Here at Women UK, we thought we’d take the first step and give you a brief overview of just a few of the different options that are available.

Renewable EnergyBiomass or solar energy are both key sources of energy that will help protect our planet, save money and also will not run out.

Biomass systems are often combined with a solar thermal water heating system which together will form a completely sustainable heating solution. Biomass systems use wood chips, pellets or logs, derived from natural sources.  The size of the system will be proportional to the size of building. Generally, the biomass system will heat during the winter months but be switched off in the summer when the solar thermal system would produce enough energy.

A solar thermal system generates free hot water using the poser of the sun. Working in conjunction with a biomass system, this will save considerable money over time.  This is a particularly good way to heat water if you are not connected to the mains gas network and are using oil or solid fuel.

Solar PV (Photo-Voltaics) is the most popular form of renewable power in the UK. This is because the Solar PV power system is very easy to install and maintain. There are no moving parts so once it is installed, the system works by generating electricity from sunlight (or daylight hours). This type of energy has come down considerably in price over the last few years making if very affordable for individuals to invest in Solar PV.

Whatever your thoughts on reducing your carbon footprint, there will come a time where alternative energy sources are the norm and not something that just the minority of people have adopted. Why not get ahead of the game and be a leader in making a change!

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