Want A Lumispa? Yes Please !

Women UK take a look the biggest craze to hit social media. Nuskin Lumispa. No matter what platform of social media you are on, we see it everywhere and everyone is loving this, so we decided to try it out. Guess what? We loved it too, so much so that we have a special offer for all our readers that want to get their hands on their very own. Want a Lumispa? Click here to get a whopping 25% OFF YOUR VERY OWN SKINCARE BEST FRIEND.

So what is so special about this little bathroom device and why is it getting so much attention and winning awards all over the Beauty Industry? It is a little hand- held machine that has a silicone head that rotates onto the surface of your skin delivering a ton of cool benefits.


In just two minutes, used twice per day with an Activating Cleanser (that comes with your machine) as part of your skin care regimen, you will begin to experience 7 amazing benefits that go beyond a simple cleanse:

  1. Smoother skin after a single use
  2. Softer skin after a single use
  3. 2X visibly cleaner skin after 12 weeks
  4. 62% more radiance after 12 weeks**
  5. Reduced appearance of pores.
  6. Clearer, brighter skin.
  7. Visibly refreshed complexion.

And Ladies (and gentlemen) not only have we discovered these top 7 clinical benefits we also discovered the Lumispa to

  • Tough on make up
  • Does not stretch skin
  • Maintains natural skin moisture
  • Targets sources of visible ageing
  • Extra skin benefits from each cleanser
  • Silicone heads are gentle, cleansing, and hygienic
  • Waterproof
  • Are travel friendly
  • One full charge will last a week if used twice per day
  • Auto guided usage (so completely idiot proof!)

And if all that was not enough, there is a separate little attachment that is an eye treatment. This is called the Accent. Attaching the LumiSpa Accent Head to your device allows you to target the small, hard-to-reach areas around your eyes, reinvigorating and exfoliating with the gentle touch that this delicate skin needs. Used with the eye cream,


Leaves your eye area looking awake and refreshed.

Diminishes the appearance of dark circles, puffy eyes, under-eye bags, and tired skin.

Visibly lifts and firms the skin beneath your eyes, as well as your upper eyelids.

The skin around your eyes appears firmer.

Suitable for all skin types.

Your skin appears smoother and more hydrated after a single use.

Freshens, brightens, and hydrates your eye area.

So ladies given all we know and our own experience, Women UK highly rate this little machine and think every woman should have one in their bathroom. Want a Lumispa? Click here to get yours at our special price .  Well done Nuskin on bringing us this little gem.


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