Top Seven Things to Love About Your Middle Aged Spread.

Fighting the middle age body can be a full time job of convincing yourself that you can beat your body into some kind of submission to beat gravity and subdue all that flaps when we move. The middle age spread comes with it a thing to celebrate and be joyous over as we have moved into a phase of our lives that brings with it a certain peace about ourselves and our bodies, which is ultimately liberating. It is the beauty of ageing. Here are the top seven things to love about your middle aged spread.


About me and my body – If I decide to have a second glass of wine or an extra -large piece of chocolate cake, I’m not a weak, no will-powered walrus who will forever be fat but instead a woman that is enjoying that glass of wine. I accept women who are a little overweight as having other priorities rather than the exhausting pursuit of a 23year old body! This deserves to be in the top seven things to love about your middle aged spread

Exercise should be fun

Exercise is like sex, if you are not having a great time, you are doing it wrong! Do what you like and find an exercise you enjoy. You will do it more often and you will get better results. This is also true for sex!

It is no longer our turn

The fact remains that we cannot stop the ageing process. We can ‘nip and tuck’ along the way but age will not go away! In a society that worships youth and firm thighs, it is no longer our turn. Let it go, and let the next generation have their day. They will be us someday.

Realistic Expectations

When you are young, if you want to lose five pounds by Saturday, you can start on Thursday and hit your goal. By 50+, five pounds can be a month’s work. And if your last workout was in 2010, you are a good six months away from firm thighs. But this is okay, Reset your bar. Has to be in our top seven things to love about your middle aged spread and even our menopause! Click here to read what we say about it

Comparisons are a waste of your time

There will always be somebody thinner, prettier, and younger than you. And if you look for it, you can always find someone fatter, plainer, and older than you. Who cares? When I meet the woman who cures cancer, then I will be fabulously impressed.

Keep Laughing

This is one for the top seven things to love about your middle aged spread. The by far sexiest thing about a woman is her laugh. What will you be remembered for? Having a perfectly manicured appearance or being the fun happy woman.

Don’t believe the hype

The media portrayals do not help. It is hard to know what healthy aging even looks like, given all that air brushing, injectables and ubiquitous nipping and tucking, colouring and masking. Great skin care and a good hair cut can work wonders for confidence.

For more info on any ageing please see Age UK




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