Running is Bad For Your Health!

Running is bad for your health? running-1

Couch potatoes of the world rejoice! It seems that you were right all along.

After studies both on this side and the other side of the Atlantic it appears that you are just as well off sitting on your increasing large behind as you are doing too much exercise. Too much exercise is bad for you, especially running.

For those older enough to remember we as a race have not always embraced the whole concept of exercise, we ran when we were chasing or being chased, we touched the ground when there was something there worth picking up, we stretched when we awoke. That was it. running-2

Then someone by the name of Jim Fix form New York City wrote a book called ‘The complete book of running’ in 1977 and so started the American and then the western worlds obsession with jogging to get, and stay fit. Like most obsessions there are those that take it too far and then it does more harm than good, even I am afraid our friend Mr Fix who died whilst jogging at the relatively young age of 52. ( Take that smile off your face Mr Potato!)

It was of course very sad for Mr fix and all those that knew and loved him but it has taken from the mid -eighties to now for science to both catch up and be listened too.

Jogging should be just that, if you have to do it then it should be not much faster than a fast walking pace, say 5mph and it should not be done for more than 150 minutes a week, max. As if to prove the fact, a survey was taken in Germany of a random 108 ( I don’t know why 108 ) chronic marathon runners compared to 108, what shall we call them? Human Sloths.. The results were very clear, the hearts of the Sloth like creatures were more healthy than the slim, slightly superior marathon runners, proof if proof were needed.

Lets add to that, hips and knees, backs and feet and the evidence is clear. Walk quicker and longer if you must, but avoid the obsession that took Mr fix to an early running track in the sky. Sit back, put your feet up and smile.


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