No Alcohol January?

Here it is again, do I don’t I? Do I go dry for January and feel good about myself or do I not?

At this time of year many of us wake up on the first day of the year with the clear intention of giving our livers a rest and stop partaking in our favourite past time, drinking alcohol. After weeks of over indulging, often in the safe knowledge that you are going to stop in the New Year,  the moment has now arrived.

According to Alcohol Concern, more than 2 million of us will start the new year in this way and it is now such a standard British thing to do that it is becoming quite vogue to get sponsorship.

Whether you are giving up, cutting down or just keeping going there are some interesting facts that you should perhaps consider. Stopping alcohol for a month will certainly have the impact of giving your liver a break and more than 40 % of people will lose weight, claims the Health Watchdog, incidentally some of the fat you lose will come directly from your liver, two weeks of no drinking replenishes this miracle organ!

You may also sleep much better and more obviously feel for clear headed and some 70% of drinkers will still be drinking less in six months time than they did before according to researchers from the University of Sussex. You will certainly have more energy and your skin will be better.

However the overall indications are that it has no long term benefit for most of us as we will continue to drink, as a nation, too much.

Whether you choose a damp or dry January, whether you celebrate your self control with millions of others or just keep quiet like the rest of us is a decision that has to be made now.. However just because it’s January and just because its traditional to stop indulging doesn’t mean that you are ready for it, perhaps March would be good so that you could get out more, or July when the sun beats down and we can enjoy cold water, salads and juices.

Follow the crowd or stride out on your own, whatever you do, enjoy it and have one for us. .

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