Morning Skincare Essentials You Must Have

Every woman knows the simple pleasures of keeping a skincare routine. Even with many of us staying at home, taking a few minutes at the beginning and end of your day to take care of your skin can give you that much-needed confidence boost. Of course, it goes without saying that picking the right products for your skincare routine allows you to reap the most benefits of this relaxing routine. Read below for some morning skincare essentials you should definitely be stocking up on.


You should always start your day with a fresh face. You can pick your cleanser depending on the skin concern you have. For those suffering with dull skin, Byrdie recommends products with kojic acid as a potential option. While the word “acid” might make you wary, a review on Kojic Acid Soap by lifestyle site Pretty Me talks about how mixing this potent acid with skin-loving ingredients like virgin coconut oil and vitamin E helps brighten and moisturise your skin. As with any product, doing a quick spot test is important to gauge how your skin will react. This is especially important when it comes to cleansers, as you’ll be using it every day. This is the first morning skincare essential you must have.


Toners aren’t a fad, but a necessary step to help keep your skin in shape. Speaking to Marie Claire, dermatologist Anjali Mahto notes that toners bring back the acidity in your skin (your skin’s natural pH level is about 5.5) that gets washed away during the cleansing process. From there, picking the right toner can also keep your skin moisturised, make it brighter, and the like. As with cleansers, the toner you pick will depend on your specific concern. Alcohol-free toners are great for sensitive skin, while picks with witch hazel can help curb oiliness. You can either apply toner with a cotton pad or pat it on your face with clean fingers. This is the second morning skincare essential you must have.


Moisturising is the third step to any classic skincare routine. Glamour reminds its readers that your chosen moisturiser may change with the seasons. During the summer, lighter gel-based emulsions hydrate your skin without suffocating your skin. Meanwhile, thicker creams should be used during harsh winters that may end up drying out your skin. A great moisturiser hydrates your skin while also preventing potential water loss, which is something that lighter serums don’t tend to do. This dual purpose is why moisturisers should always be a part of your skincare routine, regardless of any new skincare fads that come your way. This is the third morning skincare essential you must have.


Last but not least, your morning routine isn’t complete without patting on some sunscreen. We at Women UK are no strangers to the harming effects of the sun, with excess melanin potentially leading to the development of sun spots. Sunscreen is still your best bet against the sun’s rays — just make sure that you’re choosing one with both UVA and UVB rays. UVA protection prevents the ageing rays of the sun, while UVB protection forms a barrier against burning UV rays. Such comprehensive protection helps stave off the long-term effects of the sun, keeping your skin healthier for longer. This is the fourth morning skincare essential you must have.

These four steps are the basics of a great skincare, making it the default routine for easy mornings. Relying on nutrient-rich products helps you make the most out of this simple routine.

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