Feeling A Little S.A.D?

This is the time of year when many of us feel a bit low. Whether from over indulgence, the dreaded credit card bills or arriving in the New Year without a clear idea of where we are going, but many of us are just S.A.D. That’s: Seasonal Adjustment Disorder. Women UK look at some information around this…..

Some of the symptoms are:

Persistent low mood


Feelings of despair and guilt

Felling lethargic and a craving for carbohydrates and gaining weight.

Women are 40% more likely to suffer from this now recognised complaint than men and research from as far away as Australia and Spain to the University of Surrey are making great strides to combat it through natural options.

S.A.D is believed to be caused by the darker days, lack of sunshine and this in turn impacts on the production of Serotonin and Melatonin, and according to ‘Kevin Leivers of the Naked Pharmacy’ there is much debate about the lack of vitamin D causing depression but there is little or no evidence for this so far.

However, do not despair.  According to N.I.C.E or ( National Institute of Health and Care Excellence ) there are therapies that can help such as light therapy and CBT ( Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ) plus anti- depressants but according to many other studies including a Norwegian study of 22,000 participants exercise and a good balanced diet really helps. So now we can eat our way through these darker times.

By getting extra rich foods such as Omega 3 into your diet has a great impact as well as good quality vitamin supplements such as D3 and B, a lack of both have been linked to depression!  Lastly folic acid, this can be found in a wide range of food stuffs from asparagus to oranges, dark green veg to sunflower seeds, spinach, lentils and oats. Folic acid helps us to produce the bodies natural ‘happy ‘ chemical Serotonin all washed down with plenty of water.

So this is actually the season to be jolly, eat, drink and have a much merrier New Year. Women UK always suggest seeing your GP if you have any symptoms that are worrying you.


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