Contraception in the Hands of Your Man?

Science once again has made incredible strides forward in making our lives so much easier and giving us power and choices. The big question arises though is that would you trust a man to get this covered or risk an unwanted pregnancy in the hands of your male other half? Let’s face it, most can’t find their socks!


However, it could also be argued that somewhat controversially men will be in more control and will not be able to be ‘trapped’ into fatherhood.

The male contraceptive pill is being launched as a huge breakthrough giving us powerful alternatives in the bedroom. The science is incredible; it appears that potentially through a pill or nose spray a man can render his sperm unable to swim. This in turn, makes fertilising the egg an almost impossible task for these paralysed swimmers.

It is without doubt a brilliant scientific breakthrough and will give many couples a great deal more freedom and take the burden away from women and throws it firmly in the man’s lap. This is an important option as many women are left with migraines and other side effects such as the possibility of blood clots and strokes. The other remarkable claim is that this is a drug that could be taken just minutes before sex and the effect could wear off after just a few days, making planning for a family or being spontanious a much easier option.

Of course as with so many personal freedoms will come responsibility and there will be those that will argue that that with STI’s being fairly rampant, this is a charter for casual sex to become even less safe than it already is.

So fantastic science meets human emotions, wants and expectations and I have no doubt that this will cause some unforeseen consequences. However perhaps its a little overdue for men to take responsibility for what has always been seen as a woman’s primary concern and with that responsibility will of course be teething problems. We can think of one or two!!!

What seems like science fiction today will soon seem the norm and any positives and negatives will I am sure also be worked out and we will take it in our stride. We would love to know your thoughts…….

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