Clean Sleep?

Before you consider your diet, your exercise or your beauty routine, it seems that clean sleep gives the right foundation to our health and beauty, our quality of thinking and attitude to life. Sounds good to us!

When from around the world the health guru’s raise their heads and try to convince us of the latest health craze, diet or positive way of thinking this time of year has it’s fair spare of crack pots and crazy idea’s. Of course many of us are so desperate to look better be healthier and have a better quality of life, frankly we would try most things.

So when someone who is very much in the public eye, I mean a major celebrity, delivers their version of the next health craze, we may look at it with a mixture of hope and dread.

According to the Huffington Post, Gwyneth Paltrow is talking some sense. Not a juice cleanse or enema in sight just some good common sense with of course a subtle twist.

We are talking here of ‘clean sleeping’

We all know that we need to get a good nights sleep but very few of us stop to think about the negative impacts it can have if we have too little.

For example did you know that the lack of sleep impacts on your cognitive processes, i.e you are not so smart, it causes accidents, ( think Chernobyl, sleep deprivation was apparently a major cause ) it impacts on your sex drive, can make you fatter and can contribute to major health issues such as heart disease and diabetes according to ‘webmd’ Its also bad for your skin and ages you prematurely.

So maybe we should take this seriously. According to the great Gwyneth we should meditate before bed, not eat snacks before we sleep and spend a few minutes massaging our feet with cream.

So the term ‘clean sleeping ‘ is really about the quality of the sleep as according to sleep experts, women lose as much as 56 minutes sleep per night, that equates to an amazing 10 days per year, lost sleep.

Good night.

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