Cancer Patients Benefit from Hypnosis

Women UK talk to our Hypnotherapist Expert Donne Kenny to ask ‘How does hypnosis benefit cancer patients’? Donna Kenny

A cancer diagnosis can have a major effect on the way you think and feel about yourself and others and this can be very stressful. It can feel like an emotional roller coaster and everyone reacts differently. Patients may feel anger fear or sadness, or may just feel numb.

I recently visited the Penny Brohn Cancer Care centre at Pill in Bristol ( with my client who has been diagnosed with cancer.

Penny Brohn Cancer Care has been helping people with cancer for over 30 years. During this time, they have seen how, with the right information and support, people really can turn their lives and their health around.

Doctors and scientists the world over are now beginning to recognise that cancer treatments work much better when people are able to support their own health and wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy helps patients to feel more in control of their diagnosis.

Catherine Zollman is the Lead Doctor at Penny Brohn Cancer Care, she says,

“Making positive lifestyle changes not only affects the way our cells behave inside our bodies to repair and protect again disease but also helps determine how well we are able to survive and cope with a cancer diagnosis.

Our thoughts and feelings affect each other. If you notice your thoughts you can decide how accurate and helpful they are and perhaps decide to change them”.

Hypnosis works by helping the client to create positive thoughts, deep within the subconscious mind. Working with the imagination for a healthier more positive future.

Our thoughts become our feelings, so learning how to create healthier positive thoughts in hypnotherapy, has a positive effect on the body too.

Hypnotherapy offers a deep form of relaxation from an often anxious over-thinking mindset. By tapping into the subconscious mind we can see how best to deal with thoughts of fear and overwhelm. By allowing the mind and body to relax deeply in hypnotic trance the client receives respite.

Hypnotherapy may be used for cancer patients, from their initial diagnosis, to deal with shock, through to surgery (promoting the healthy accelerated healing of wounds) and throughout chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatment.

Each hypnotherapy session includes a personalised recording (either an MP3 download or CD) this creates a bridge back to our session. The recording is listened to regularly, helping to create deep relaxation of the mind and body.

My clients often listen to their recordings during their chemotherapy session, so that they feel relaxed and in control.

Hypnosis is also used for pain management and to boost the immune system, by combining visualisation techniques during the trance state within the hypnotherapy session. The client is encouraged to visualise their cancer cells being fought off by their boosted immune. Working with the imagination in any way that appeals to the client. They may see the immune as a superhero for example. Everyone is individual and the visualisation exercises are tailored to the clients imagination. Pain can be reduced by the client visualising a clock face, their level of pain being reduced with the movement of the hands of the clock.

Carers benefit from hypnotherapy sessions too, as they are able to get in touch with their thoughts and feelings on a deeper level and learn much needed tools to switch off their own anxiety and over thinking.

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