Beauty Secrets: Are Essential Oils a Waste of Money?

I’ve learned many beauty “secrets” over the years, but there’s one lesson that has served me more than anything I have ever purchased.

Beauty in a Bottle

To begin, let me take you back to the summer of 2017, when I was first introduced to Doterra.  The cleverly marketed essential oil company that almost bankrupted me.

Thanks to my (not so) endearing gullible nature, it wasn’t long before, “I have an oil for that” became my catchphrase.

Even worse, accidently burning people’s skin (because I had no idea what I was doing), became my party trick.

When I think about the amount of money I gave to that company over two long years, I want to cry.

Look, essential oils smell amazing and if used correctly they do work.  The peppermint oil in particular is my favourite. It immediately reduces my bloated stomach whenever I eat too much.

I really believe the on guard (immune boosting oil) protects me against flus.  But I also know this one is probably in my head, because our immune system is pretty incredible.  I doubt it requires the assistance of overly priced oils to protect the body against intruders.

They have amazing calming effects.  The bergamot always chills me out.  After a friend tried to tell me the oils are a waste of money, the bergamot completely diffused my rage.  Realistically I only got angry because she was right and it’s upsetting to think about the money I wasted.  But I think the bergamot really helped me to clarify that.

I don’t buy them anymore, but I still use them.  I mean I bought enough to last me about 5 years so damn straight I’m going to still use them.  But I think twice about what I spend (waste) my money on now.

Buying Beauty

I was trying to buy the perfect version of health.  In other words, I was trying to buy beauty.  This longing to be beautiful forced me to spend so much money on herbs, natural medicines, supplements, oils, tools, formulas, elixirs, and potions, naively praying they’d make me feel beautiful.

Unfortunately, the only benefit I got was one very expensive lesson – you cannot buy beauty.

Nothing external will ever make you feel beautiful.  No potion or person.  No cream or public validation.  No amount of oils or Instagram likes on your heavily filtered image will ever be enough.

The only thing that actually works is looking in the mirror and seeing yourself for the magnificently beautiful (too cheesy?) creation that you are. Which realistically, is so much harder to do than buying an oil.

But, Why Is It So Hard?

Well for one, how can you make yourself see something beautiful when the external world is telling you that you’re not?

In truth, the external world, this society, is full of shit. Why the hell are we giving society the authority to decide what is and isn’t beautiful?

At one point anorexia was beautiful.  Now obesity is beautiful.  Pale was extremely popular, now being dark is “true beauty”.  The modelling industry will only hire models that look unique, yet they promote beauty products that encourage us to look the same (why do we all contour our faces to look like each other, or Kim Kardashian?)

Everyone’s idea of beauty is different; you can’t please everyone so why try? Or to put it another way, why waste all your money on unnecessary products in a doomed attempt to be beautiful?  You know when there’s a choice between buying a cream to make your face look thin, or going away for the weekend?  Well, experience trumps insecurity every single time.  Unless you waste that weekend fretting about face fat.

So here’s a thought, save your money.  Beauty is something you already have, you just have to open your eyes… and maybe eat better.


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Article Written by Ciara Louise Glover @ciciglo

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