An Egg A Day Keeps The Doctor Away…

Stroke Prevention: An egg a day can reduce the chance of stroke!

Further good news for the once much maligned egg For years the common egg was blamed for cardio vascular disease and high cholesterol and although in recent studies there has been no proof or direct link to this a recent study appears to show that they could help prevent strokes. egg stroke prevention

Often seen as the silent killer, strokes are a major cause of death and severe illness so any news that can help prevent them has got to be good.

Although its been difficult to figure out why, it seems that one egg a day can reduce your chances of having a stroke by up to 12%. We have known for some time that eggs have some great nutritional attributes and are high in anti oxidants  but it may be that it is the fact that they are a high source of protein, which is related to low blood pressure that is the key.

In 2015 the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, so I guess its good for us as well, lifted the limit on daily egg consumption and started to laud the benefits as ‘nutritionally dense foods’

Yet again then it would seem that whatever is good today maybe bad to tomorrow and visa versa, but on todays evidence eggs seem like a good option.

Elsewhere, combining eggs with a healthy mix of vegetables has been shown to increase our ability to absorb other antioxidants like carotenoids.

As strokes are a major killer both here and on the other side of the pond any evidence and any help that we can get to prevent them in ourselves and our loved ones has to be great news.

Eggs then, boiled, scrambled, poached or whichever way you enjoy them, just make sure you do.

Perhaps finally in our search for the perfect diet, we’re being to crack it!

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