Which Wine To Choose with Oriental Cuisine

food and wine 1Selecting the right wine to pair against chilli heat or prominent spice or contrasting sweet and sour tastes can sometimes be challenging.

Choice is further compounded by a chef’s interpretation of the proportion of different flavourings that make-up Asian and Oriental cuisine. The variation of chilli or sweet in similar dishes served in different restaurants generates a wine pairing issue.  A Riesling Spatlese for a sweet and sour dish may be a success in one restaurant but questionable in another.

So what are the rules when pairing Asian or Oriental food to wine.  Firstly, relax, develop an inquisitive mind and note your pairing successes.  Secondly, do a little research.  Oriental food lovers may wish to read 108 Great Chinese Dishes Paired (www.108chinesepairings.com).  Thirdly, consider waiting to order your wine until you have tried your main course.  Top Asian/Oriental restaurants should give pairing suggestions but if in doubt hold back.  I pre-select a couple of wines and give my decision when the meal has been tasted.

food and wineContinuing the Oriental theme, try the following pairings:Pinot Gris for prawn rolls with a peanut sauce. Riesling Spatlese for sweet and sour chicken or pork.  Soft and fruity Zinfandel for pork ribs or spiced beef dishes.

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