How Smart Is Your Coffee?

Okay so years ago, we had the ‘Tea’s Made’ bedside gadget that woke you up with a ‘nice’ cup of tea. I can remember buying my parents one of these for Christmas and thinking what a treat for them. That was of course until I tried the tea myself!

Coffee pod machines are the current in gadget to have and there are a whole selection to buy – each with it’s pros and cons. We thought we’d road test the Nespresso Prodigio purely because we can control the machine and instruct it to brew a coffee through an app.  How great is that! Well in principle it is great. You can set your coffee machine in motion via an interactive app on your phone however there is one major drawback. The coffee pod has to be manually loaded into the machine so you still need to get up and set the machine up before you make the cofffee!

In honesty though, providing you have loaded up the capsules the night before and selected the size of the coffee (there are three), the Nespresso does produce a very lovely cup of coffee, plus the bonus is that the app will remind you when you are running low on coffee and direct you to order more!

Available from £159.00, the Nespresso Priodigio is available from John Lewis and other retailers.

Now it really is time to wake up and smell the coffee!

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