Gin O Clock? Gin Filled Baubles!

With the festive season rushing at us like a charging reindeer, as we steady our nerves for the family invasion and hide our credit card bills from our significant others, few things denote Christmas more than the tree so what about gin filled baubles?


Whether your choice is the family favourites festooned with colour and especially made trinkets from our youngest children, broken lights and worn out tinsel, or whether you style your tree from the latest design magazines in the hope of making a tasteful fashion statement, some things really matter.

This is of course a time of tradition and home comforts and never during the year is so much done by so few for so many. So it seems only fair that during the excitement and chaos, the preparation and the worry that we should add a little something to keep us going.

Sometimes, someone, somewhere has a light bulb moment that is truly destined to become a part of every discerning and free thinking person’s future and that this year is the Gin filled Christmas bauble. Genius.

A little gift for ourselves in times of stress when presents are being ripped apart and teenagers are being, well, teenagers, when the dinner that is normally devoured in moments after weeks of planning is being burnt and yet under cooked at the same time a gentle unobtrusive stroll to the Christmas tree to suckle on a bauble is surely what we have all been waiting for. At the same time you could attempt to keep your decorum and a level of superiority by sticking to just the one glass of wine that you have been sipping all day.

These gin filled balls of pleasure shall surely be decking my halls and tree this year.. enjoy.


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