Fashion Does Not Always Equal Good Style!

 “Fashion does not always equal good style. Good style is achieved when you get it right..which will always look fashionable”-Bee.

Beverly Osemwenkhae from ProjectBee Wardrobe Consulting talks to Women UK about what she thinks is her top tips to get our fashion and style Spring ready. We love what she has to say.

Tip 1: Stepping out of your comfort zone

I’m a true believer in trying on what you think you will never wear. That’s what I teach my clients. It helps them step out of their comfort zone and experience new silhouettes and styles that can be surprisingly fabulous.


Tip 2: Editing the wardrobe really helps you see what you own and narrows in where the gaps are in your closet. After the edit you understand and what the fashion items you need to fill in! It also helps you get the most out of your wardrobe and really build that style wardrobe that you love.


Tip 3: Find your colour palette

 They’re just those colours you wear that just works! It’s your colour! Wear that colour in a style or fashion print with similar hues. Now you’re rocking your favourite colour but also incorporating some print in your look! Remember Fashion does not always equal good style!


By: Beverly Osemwenkhae from ProjectBee Wardrobe Consulting. Click here for more style information on ProjectBee Wardrobe Consulting established in New York and expanding in London this Spring.

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