Fun On The Water

If you are looking for a fun family day out (or maybe for a group of friends), then a morning or afternoon at The New Forest Water Park could be just what the doctor ordered!

Set on the Ringwood Road, the main road between Salisbury and Ringwood, The New Forest Water Park is home to a number of activities, including camping. We ventured down to try out the water park facilities.  Set in a beautiful location, the park instantly makes you feel at ease.  Booking in was easy, all online and we completed our disclosures before going to the park so that we didn’t have to queue when arriving.

On arrival, we were directed to the main reception area to get our wrist bands and hire our wet suits (£5 additional charge for wet suit hire).  There are plenty of wet suits available for hire and you can also take your own if you have them. Once getting into the wet suits, all personal items need to be stored in your car so make sure that you take a pair of flip lops or something similar as you have to leave your shoes on the bank of the lake and the car park is quite stony.  Car keys can be left behind the bar for security.

It’s worth noting that although the changing rooms are small and pretty basic, they are perfectly adequate for what you need – there must be about 80 people per hour changing into and out off wet suits and both on arrival and after our session in the park, we were able to walk straight into the changing are without having to queue.

We took part in the Aqua Park session which was great fun  and is open to all ages over 6 years and obviously you must be able to swim (the park do supply everyone with life jackets). After the initial safety briefing, we were then taken to the park which is where the fun really starts!

Initially, I didn’t think an hour would be long enough on the park itself – however after about 40 minutes, even though it was amazing fun, I did find myself thinking ‘how much longer’ – not because I wasn’t enjoying it, more because my arms were very tired at this point!  When you slip off the inflatables (which everyone does), it’s hard work getting out of the water – particularly with a life jacket and wet suit on. There are flat platforms that you can swim around to which are easier to climb back on to and there are also individual inflatable rides in the park to swim out to.

If you love water, then this is definitely a must this summer! It’s worth noting though, that if you are taking children, whilst there are lifeguards on the park itself, it’s a complete mix of ages so making sure there are enough adults in your party per child, is really something that needs to be considered.
For more information on The New Forest Water Park and to book tickets, click here.



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