Centenarians Living Older Younger

Sometimes it makes you wonder just how much any of us know. Twice this week we have had stories from the Daily Mail and the Huffington Post about those that break the health rules and win!

Earlier this week Emma Morano from Italy was confirmed as the oldest living person at 116 and the only person left on earth that was born in the 19th century, November 29th 1899.
Ironically she was the eldest of eight children and rather spookily has always collected watches… But despite all of the fashions when it comes to healthy eating she has sworn by fresh pasta, raw meat and 3 eggs a day, although now she has cut down to two.
Emma’s secret though could be down to something of a stress free life. Having married in 1926 she was divorced in 1938 and has never married since. She claims to love her big bed and has clearly made the most of it.
Meanwhile Batuli Lamichhane from Nepal has claimed to have smoked 30 cigarettes per day for 95 years and she is 112.

She does however never touch commercially made products and prefers locally made Beedis, tobacco wrapped in Tendu leaf.
Batuli puts her longevity not down to having a stress free life or indeed a large but empty bed, she claims that living in the foothills she keeps a very active life with a huge amount of exercise and of course, plenty of fresh mountain air.
Clearly health advice changes with the wind but with somethings you should always steer clear, but it does make you wonder. Maybe the worry and stress of other people and the worry of what we do is more damaging than what we actually do?
So if you have luck and solid steel for genes, it seems laying in bed between climbing mountains, eating eggs and smoking could be good for you?

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