10 Best Storage Hacks For Kids

Is your house overrun with all things kiddie? Women UK look at some of the best storage hacks for cleaning up the mess and creating an organised tranquil space! Or nearly……..

  1. Take two Ikea Expedit bookcases and turn on their sides, add colourful foam covered cushions and storage baskets to create both seating and storage spaces in your kids bedroom.
  2. Take a regular kitchen dish rack, paint it and viola, you have a ready made children’s book storage. So easy ans so inexpensive and you can colour co ordinate to your children’s room! 
  3. Organize your child’s clothes for the week, trust us, less mess, less fuss and easier mornings! 
  4. Short on storage space? Think built in… Great for awkward spaces to maximize the storage space 
  5. Create a great craft centre space for all those crayons, sharpies, pens and rulers that looks great in any kids room! . 
  6. Keep all those soft toy teddies in one place with a Wire Wall Planter, looks great and hugely functional!
  7. What goes on under a Kids bed is not for the faint hearted!! Get your under the bed sorted out with some amazing under the bed storage that can be used for just about anything! 
  8. Women UK love kiddie shoe storage stands. So very very cute!! 
  9. Double up your kids seating for storage, a great space saving idea! With so much to choose from, it’s easy! 
  10. Big family and short on space? We love the idea pf multiple bunk beds, great for those sleep overs also!
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