Supermodels are now coming in all shapes and sizes

Women UK have the pleasure in talking to Sharon D, the brainchild behind Irelands Got Curves. Supermodels are now coming in all shapes and sizes and why not? With stunning models like Ashley Graham gracing the covers of Vogue, Harper and sport illustrated to the likes of our own plusize models from Irelands Got Curves walking in London Fashion Week back in February. 
Gillette’s recent campaign cause a complete online stir when they used Anna O’Brien (Glitter and Lasers) leaping out of the water in her bathing suit. Twitter went crazy.
Last Sunday plusize models were joined by other women for a body positive show by the Eiffel Tower braving the cold with the simple slogan “My body is beautiful “ this week is trending the hashtag  #MyBodyStory
Yes its a fact women are getting there curves back and beyond. Ireland has got curves this fact is screamed by former plusize model and the first ever Miss Curves Ireland SharonD. After modelling in London at the curvy convention in 2016 Sharon decide to launch Irelands first ever curvy convention here named Irelands Got Curves back in 2016. Now coming into its 4th event and growing stronger each show. But are shows like this encouraging obesity Sharon would argue no after struggling for years with weight issues Sharon claims it wasn’t until she started feeling good about herself that she
started a self love journey and in 2016 lost 4 stone a completed her first triathlon size 18.
 “Looking at stunning models, modelling clothes that I couldn’t fit into made me turn for the comfort food. I would watch fashion shows on tv with a cup of coffee and a biscuit as the ideal just seemed to far out of reach.  When I went back to modelling and saw how good I could look in the right clothes it set me on a path to improve my own health.”
Irelands Got Curves in the past has had guest stylist and speakers like Cathy O’Connor, Teena Gates, Paddy Cunningham (biggest loser Uk) , Daniel Euan Henderson (3 million social media followers promoting self love) to name a few. It’s a day of empowerment. Catwalks with models and fashion from a size 12-34, pop up shops, Bridal, Lingerie and Boutique. Demos, plusize business awards and much more.  In less than 2 weeks on Sunday 12th May Irelands Got Curves 4th show will be coming to Ballsbridge. With 13 models walking in 5 shows , guest speakers inc – Social Media Guru Daniel Euan Henderson who will be flying in to be with us.  Filling the room will also be pop up shops and a VIP area. Teaming this with Comps, demos and Awards the show is getting bigger and bigger. This is the 4th Irelands Got Curves and one not to be missed. Tickets are available from from Eventbrite and from the Facebook Irelands Got Curves Ballsbridge priced from just €15 you can also upgrade to VIP for each show.
Sharon D says ‘ I run a event like a curvy convention. The models I use for the show some have never walked on a catwalk before. I train them in a bootcamp and they get to model on the day. They are paid and respected as models should be. I hate all this under valuing of people by companies I think that leads to false hopes and disappointment.  I first modelled as a plus size model back in 1996, I needed money and it was good pay. I was walking down oxford street when I was stopped by a lady who became my UK agent on and off till 2016. In Ireland there wasn’t much happening in the plus size industry apart from a lot of work for free jobs. I turn 40 and was a mother of 7, I guess I had a bit of a midlife crisis and was looking to regain apart of me lost in motherhood. All that was around in 2017 it was the first ever Miss Curves Ireland Pageant ran by Ireland’s Pageants I entered on a whim not quite sure what to do, I had never attended a pageant before so I googled what it was and what to do. Well the pageant was open to anyone aged 18 and above and size 12 and up. I was the wrong side of 40 and size 18 but well I won and was crowned the first ever Miss Curves Ireland that year was fun from switching on Christmas lights, many fashion shows, MC-ing, Charity Shows, TV, radio, papers etc I met so many people. In the lead up to the pageant I decided to make a point and I did my first Triathlon size 18, I raised money for the Irish Heart Foundation and also awareness that you can take care of your health “even with your curves” it was hard people close to me would doubt I would do it this just made me more determined At first they will tell you you cant then they will ask you how you did. The day of the Triathlon when I was done I hopped straight on a plane  and was off to London for a catwalk show the next day. Life was good I was feeling great buckling and tightening the plane belt. I had lost 4 stone that year because I felt good about myself. When I wasn’t feeling good about myself I would watch the beautiful models on TV and think I could never wear that it wouldn’t be in my size or it wouldn’t look as good I turned to food for comfort. It was only when I started to feel good about myself that I took care of myself. Self Love is so needed. I wanted to pass this on to others no matter where you are on your journey you deserve to look and feel your best.  By feeling good and loving yourself you are stronger when people try and knock you and they will you realise thats about them and there issues not yours.  Everyone wears clothes so everyone should see clothes on a diverse range of models. We did Irelands Got Curves the Unlimited Edition back in Sept raising money for Special Olympics Ireland and we had some of the athletes on the catwalk with us two of which went on to bring home gold for Ireland in Abu Dhabi in the 2019 world games.  At Irelands Got Curves as well as catwalk shows and pop up stands we also have guest speakers this year we have Layla Moroney who is on her own body transformation journey and Mr Positivity himself flying in from Scotland Daniel Euan Henderson ( 3 million social media followers) we have had feedback from people attending that they felt empowered motivated amongst other things. Models have said it has change there lives and in fact 4 models I trained and had at Irelands Got Curves walked this year in London Fashion Week. (reviews on facebook page) The industry has model as plussize from sometimes as low as size 10 I feel this is very damaging and puts pressure on women, bodies sometimes change as we get older and the message of keeping them as they maybe were in our twenties is only leading to unhealthy lifestyles the other way and maybe even going under the knife … anything sells. The same as women with petite frames I hate people body shaming anyone else everyone is beautiful and entitled to feel stunning. This leads to saying what is plussize? At Irelands Got Curves we showcase sizes 12-34  this year we have bridal which is amazing as a plussize bride trying to find a dream dress often leads to a shattered dream. We have lingerie, vintage and boutique as well as hats, jewelry , fitness , make up etc something for everyone of any size. I would like to invite everyone to come along to Clayton Ballsbridge Sunday 12th May 12-4pm  and celebrate with us the beauty in all women.  tickets are €15 from eventbrite or facebook Irelands Got Curves Ballsbridge
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