Women In High Court To Stop Brexit!

A business woman by the name of Gina Miller and a hairdresser called Deir Dos Santos have been to the High Court today to get a ruling to in effect stop our Prime Minister in her tracks from invoking Article 50.

This could be seen as a touch embarrassing both for the country and the government as today the government has been taken to court and to task about the UK leaving Europe and it appears that chaos and uncertainty reign supreme.

It seems that once again if proof were needed that the government, people, banks and businesses were always ill prepared for the latest political word, Brexit.

With all the best will in the world it seems clear nobody actually thought that we would vote to leave and when we did nobody had a clue what it meant or what we should do next.

What this says is several things, firstly that as individuals we have the constitutional right to question the government, take them to court and win and secondly that this could drag out the whole Brexit debacle for a long time to come.

So who is Gina Miller? She is an ex South American beauty queen that worked in the city, is married to an equally impressive husband known as ‘Mr Hedge Fund’ and the woman who set up the ‘No 1 ladies investment club’ She is no slouch.

She was cheered today by those that wanted to remain in the EU and no doubt will be lauded by the city. Her team of very expensive and highly gifted lawyers have made constitutional history in a ruling that will certainly impact on us all.

So whatever your views on this political theatre is one thing is for certain. Don’t ever underestimate a powerful, passionate woman when she wants to get something done.

Look out Theresa May, you have competition.




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