Will You March With The Women Of The World?

Right across the world this Saturday 21st January marches will be held in what the organisers claim is a statement of solidarity and unity for peoples and democracy. This, they claim is a response to the political forces of fear and mistrust and they are welcoming all comers that share a vision of a different world. Rarely before will we see Women in these numbers march across the world 

With the election of Donald Trump, some feel that the political temperature has risen to a point of being very uncomfortable and so these marches organised by women s groups across the world are fighting back against what they see as divisive and dangerous politics and attitudes.

The march is to promote positive regard and positive values and rejects the negativity that the US election and subsequent political movements seem to rejoice in. This is a grass root movement supported by many groups such as, Women Against Rape, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Action Aid, Oxfam GB and the Daughters of Eve to name but a few.

The largest of the marches is to be seen in Washington DC but London which has a proud tradition of mass marches will be running a close second.

Polly Neate is the Chief Executive of ‘Womens Aid’ and is supporting and promoting the event, see www.womensmarchlondon.com

Marches such as these can send a very loud message to those that are listening and can frequently raise issues that may well stir miscontent amongst many, but as with all of these things are the only people that will be listening already converted to the cause. Will the message be lost in its own mutterings.

Although the organisers would deny a political colouring and direction and claim that it is merely objecting to what they see as political negativity, sometimes marches can be over taken by those with another agenda and it may well be lambasted by those opposed to the calling.

It appears however that many, if not all of the sponsers involved come with immense integrity and pedigree and they are perhaps just reflecting the feeling of many across the world that something should be said, something should be done. The organisers are inviting and hoping for a cross, social, cross gender, cross ethnic and cross political following in a statement of diversity and solidarity.

Whether you are the marching sort, the reading about it sort or the dismissive sort, a march like this strikes a chord with many whatever your view. Whether you will be cheering them on or looking the other way it will be a day to remember.

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