The Early Bird Catches The Worm

In 2015, it was widely reported that self employment figures are at an all time high, with over 4.6 million people now running their own business (that’s approximately 15% of the workforce). Statistics also show that this looks to be a permanent shift in figures with more and more people now looking for new independence.

29223016_sRunning your own business has it’s pros and cons. Ultimately, the buck stops with you. If you don’t work, you don’t earn. Paid holiday and paid for being off sick become a distant memory and how many business owners take their work home with them? Having said that, running your own business also has many pluses. Set aside the night-time worries of paying salaries, rent and mortgage. Think about the positives; flexibility, no-one to be accountable to and best of all, you decide on how long the commute is!

The success of any business boils down to three key elements: Product / Demand and Sales.  It’s the sales side that many businesses struggle on. No matter how great your service or product is, no sales = no business.

So what can you do? Ultimately, people buy people and a word of mouth recommendation is the best form of advertising that any business can receive. Advertising comes in many different guises from print, radio and TV through to direct marketing, outdoor and now, social media. All forms of advertising are great providing they are properly planned and executed with a strong brand, message and call to action.  However, there is also another way.

Business networking provides business owners and business professionals with the opportunity to meet on a regular basis and build up strong business relationships. Over time, a trust grows and businesses start to refer your products and services to their colleagues, associates, friends and family.

BNI Lymington-19

That’s exactly what one group of dedicated business professionals in Lymington is doing. Meeting on a weekly basis, they act as a sales force for each other’s business, referring new customers and passing business between themselves. Since launching in January 2015, the group of 11 business professionals, have passed between them over £180,000 worth of business.
The group is now actively looking to grow it’s members and is inviting all business owners, business professionals and trades people to come along on Wednesday 27th January to The Royal Oak, Downton for a complimentary breakfast and to see if they can help you to expand your business in 2016.   The meeting starts at 6.45am for a 7.00am start and will finish at 8.30am prompt. So if you are looking for more customers this year, why not pop along and see what it’s all about. To reserve your space, simply email

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