Shopping made even easier

Here at Women UK, we LOVE this…..According to Sky news, Instagram are in the process of working with some of the biggest American retailers, including Kate Spade and Jack Threads to make online shopping even easier.



The company is experimenting with Apple devices which will mean that if this works out, the 500 million users of the Instagram service, which incidentally is owned by Facebook, will be able to shop through shared posts with ‘shop now’ icons.

Basically that means, if you are looking at Instagram and a product pops up, you can buy it instantly without even interrupting your flow by leaving the site. Instant access to anything you may fancy. How great is that?

This is being lauded by Instagram as ‘ a seamless way to shop’ and extending to the next logical experience of mobile shopping.

Chatting and shopping is a combination that I am sure will be massively successful and those items such as handbags and shoes being flashed up at you constantly in mid chat will be hugely enticing.

In the battle for our ‘Buck’ as well as the medium in which we spend it heats up these are the kind of things we can expect more of. So no more faffing around jumping from one site to another, remembering passwords and fumbling before the product disappears, this is the ultimate in instant gratification… bring it on!

I know the cynics, men mostly, will be knocking this excellent innovation in freedom shopping and to be honest I know the companies will be searching me out with yet more products to buy, but do I care? Not one jot…

To quote the great and wonderful Freddie Mercury, ‘I want it all and I want it now!’


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