Random Acts Of Kindness Goes Viral

Women UK just love this news interest piece. Just when you think that the world cannot possibly become more narcissistic, inward looking and plainly nuts, a movement which had started in Birmingham and is now spreading across the country brings hope to us all. Random acts of kindness! The ‘Love Your Neighbour’ movement is going viral! 


Just days after the Brexit vote on the 23rd June a local humanist group contacted the Bishop of Birmingham, David Urquhart and proposed working together at a grassroots level to encourage ‘acts of neighbourly kindness’

The word spread through secular and religious groups and the banners of the movement eulogised the message in several different languages.

These random acts of kindness ranged from simply smiling at people to helping with the bins, picnics and perhaps most importantly, acts of selflessness.

As this rather simplistic concept is owned by nobody the ‘love your neighbour’ movement has continued to grow and spread across the country. It is now being pushed to coincide with Interfaith week and anti -bullying week. 13th– 20th November.

It seems a fantastic response to much of the poisonous political rhetoric that has infected the worlds media in recent months. For a city such as Birmingham, surely one of the most diverse in the UK to be showing the rest of the country how to do this, is a Christmas message that even the most cynical of us can grasp.

We have always been a proud, liberal leaning country and although we have our peculiarities generosity of spirit and a welcoming smile to strangers and neighbours have been a trademark of being British.

So when a movement such as this offers such a simple message that is being supported and encouraged through our friends at the Birmingham Mail, the very least we can do is reflect and to join in.

Whatever your day, whatever your mood, try a random act of kindness and see what happens. Let us know what you did today!



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