Inherited Tensions Between Race and Social Standing

Women UK look at reports that across America and especially in schools, there appears to be a very divisive and dark’ Trump effect’ race-2

Since some of his more insensitively charged comments, think ‘the wall’ et al many younger ears without perhaps the maturity of not taking what Trump says with political expediency have started to interpret it in their own way.

Racially charged insults are being heard in junior and high school, the kind of insults not heard in decades. Name calling such as ISIS being shouted at a young Indian student and just the name Trump being shouted with malice intent towards Hispanic children. Add to this it also appears that there are beginnings of social separation based on racial and ethnic lines, even in the school canteens.

The Telegraph has reported that the potential for long lasting damage to an already fractured and angry society will only add to the confusion and bitterness which stretches across much of the USA.

So whoever wins next Tuesday, the inherited tensions between race and social standing, haves and have nots, rich and poor will only be exacerbated by the fallout which has been primarily stoked by Trump and then cemented with the tone of the whole campaign including Clinton and her team.

Many organisations that have worked with political and racial integration and are looking on with horror as the candidates reduce the campaign to a street scrap that is being played out amongst American children, therefore potentially poisoning future relationships and stability.

However, according to Reuters it’s not only anger that the children feel but the flip side which is fear, real fear that their parents who may be first generation Americans could be sent home. With quotes from Trump saying ‘I will start sending them home from my first day in office’ ringing in their ears it comes as no surprise that fear and loathing is swiftly replacing love and respect.

God Bless America.




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