How Do I get To Uni At My Age?

Many of us would like to have the opportunity to either continue our education or have a real crack at it for the first time in older life. Maybe we missed out, having fun or having kids or both. Women UK look at what it takes to get back into study mode…. 

Many of us felt that perhaps it was beyond us in our youth but feel ready and hungry for the opportunity now. There are a couple of questions that need to be clarified, what do you study and where and of course how do you pay for it?

The first two must be answered together, where you need to go to study to find the subject you want or the other way around. Where many of us get stuck and worried is how much is going to cost and how do I fund it.

Some mature students are in the enviable position to be able to pay for their courses but many of us are not, so how do you fund your course and how hard is it?

Once you have your course chosen and have been accepted you will be given a cost for your course, this is normally payable termly in advance. Once you have this information you can contact::

The very few forms on line that you have to fill in are simple and straight forward, you just need your references from your university offer. Normally the response is within ten days and unless there are exceptional circumstances it is straight forward, it is not credit checked.

Once you have received the offer of the student loan you will be given a time table of payments that should coincide with your payments due to the university. On the rare occasion that this does not tie up, and that is unusual the university will normally be very accommodating.

Once your course is complete the loan is re payable but only in small amounts which are directly linked to your then income.

The whole process is very simple, very fair and very flexible and should encourage anyone that wishes to further their education to take the bull be the horn and just go for it!

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