Get Out Of My Way!

They say that attitude is everything, so when you need to be heard then you need to be heard! Women Uk love this little light hearted story! images-2
Taking matters into her own hands Nurjie Sela left her home and on her mobility scooter and decided to take her complaints directly to her local council offices at Fulham and Hammersmith.
According to the Metro she was not content to leave it at that, oh no. Ms Sela then allegedly reversed up to the door of the council offices and continued to ram them until the doors fell inwards. She also sprayed liquids including cooking oil over the floors, desks and computers. She then sped off before the police arrived and then appeared at a local lawyers office and did the same there.
I have to say that if you have ever tried to get through to, let alone get any sense from your local council office, you may have some sympathy for her actions. Of course I could never condone illegal action or indeed make light of it. I am equally sure that the workers within the offices were doing their very best to give this lady their best attention.
The reason for this and the alleged damage done was because both the lawyers and the council officers would not answer her calls…
Through an Albanian interpreter Ms Sela said she did not mean to cause any damage, but she demanded to be heard. Apparantly the security guards, yes guards plural, attempted to calm the lady down but she zoomed off….. on her mobility scooter.
Say what you will but if this feisty disabled lady could cause so much destruction and could not be stopped, heaven help the judge and the court if she doesn’t get a fair hearing.

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