Don’t Bin Your Bra Update

As many of you know Women UK have taken this fantastic initiative to heart and have been totally overwhelmed by your fantastic response to our requests for your bras.

bra trip

Working with Adventure Aid who are responsible for taking this great program to fruition, the great thing about small charities is that they can adapt quicker to the needs of the people they are helping but we don’t have millions of pounds so the money we all raise has to work harder.

The Tanzania project was borne out of a single Facebook post for women to donate their bras to help reduce the risk of sexual assault and donate they did, in their thousands and so after hours of sorting and packing, Ashley from the charity along with two ladies spent four days in June fitting and distributing 3000 bras to 1500 women in Iringa and the surrounding villages.

This was an exploratory trip to build a relationship with our new partner charity, develop a new project for future teams and see whether the project was viable which is what we do for every project we run.

Women UK are proud to be on the  trip next year with several other women and this will create a £6500 pot of money to deliver new projects in Tanzania along with the team delivering 3000 more bras during their 8 day adventure.

The first £1000 has been sent out to the village of llola where Adventure Aid distributed clothes to 500 women. , This small gesture by us and delivered by Willhard, Alfred, Alexander and Ion of Iringa Rural Development Initiative has strengthened local relations and built IRDI reputation.

We will keep you all updated as we move forward with this great ‘Don’t Bin You Bra’s’ and we welcome all your support moving forward. Here at Women UK, we are super excited to be part of this and thank you to Adventure Aid for including us.

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