Could You Donate a Handbag?

Women UK have been keeping an eye on this initiative over the last several weeks and are loving the huge response this is getting both in the UK and Ireland.  Social Media at it’s best has seen a huge following for this great initiative this Christmas. With a conservative estimate of about 12% of our homeless people being female, these women are vulnerable to physical attack, violence, sexual assault.


Helping Handbags Worldwide is an initiative aimed at giving women in crisis a helping hand from a fellow female. The name of the game is for us women to fill an unwanted handbag (could be new) with sanitary and hygiene products along with other goodies to be then passed to a homeless woman over Christmas. The emphasis is on the sanitary additions to the bags, something often overlooked but a real challenge for these women.

There are regional collectors all over the country and here at Women UK, we are helping to co – ordinate collections. Please get in touch with us if you can donate a bag or indeed can organize a group of women to do the same through local business groups or clubs etc.

This is a non-profit organization where all proceedings and donations go directly to homeless women around the world.  This initiative has been created by Brenda Dempsey, an incredible lady, who has herself been homeless in the past but is now a successful entrepreneur who wants to inspire others and show that ‘’Everything is Possible’’ winning handbag 1

‘’I just saw a random post on social media and thought to myself-what a great idea, so I’ve shared it and the response was immediate and immense! That was it, I felt compelled to take action and make this happen on a worldwide scale! Helping Handbags Worldwide was born! We now have thousands of followers and believers along incredible individuals donating their time and expertise to the cause.’ Brenda Demsey

If you can help, please contact us at



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