Are You A Woman in Business That Means Business?

If your are a business owner, star in the making, looking to hit CEO position, reap some big profits, or just rock your mission loud in this lifetime then you need to be here for this deal-changer day! Women UK have organised a discount so let us know if you book your ticket so we can refund your special discount!

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In 2014 they gathered in London’s gorgeous Ritz for a day of money making with international venture capitalists, a real estate magnate, and many other multi-millionaire expert speakers. In 2015 the prestigious Groucho Club in Soho was our home for a day of massive hypnotic reconditioning, a brain-changing and life-changing full eight hours with Judymay Murphy.
This year, in 2016, they will be in a new and equally exclusive venue in central London for a day of massive strategy around getting in the right career and getting to the top quickly, with ease and style. A highly practical day of CAREER MAGNIFICENCE* with Judymay and two other superstar speakers.

Are you actually on the best road or are you settling for a compromise career? judymay 2
Are you an entrepreneur who needs more stability or corporate worker who needs more excitement?
Are you climbing the success ladder far too slowly?
Are you doing worse than people who are less skilled than you?
Are you confused about how to turn your awesomeness into money?
Do you feel insecure or ‘not good’ around asking for sales or opportunities?
Do you want to be well-known? Do you want to be anonymous? – How to get to the top with either visibility and/or invisibility?

How to build staff quickly from no staff and no money to a real team.
How to be recognized instantly as a genius in your sphere.
Why so many of the things you have learned about online presence, blogs, products, etc don’t work for you and what to do instead.
And so much more…
This is a full day of learning strategy, the mistakes to avoid, the fast-track tactics and how to structure, build, grow and sell your business.
Also includes a 30-minute panel with women whom Judymay has coached into taking their careers stratospheric! Stop wasting your life when you could be shining far more brightly.
This year there is also a follow-up webinar one week later to keep you on track and bust any glitches you might have had in implementing your mega-plan. This is included in this ticket.
Also, most speakers now record their event to sell later or use for their publicity, or you end up in a photo online somewhere – there will be NO cameras of any kind permitted at this event, it’s TOTALLY PRIVATE.

For tickets please click here

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