Want to look Five Years Younger Today?

Want to look Five Years Younger Today? Women UK look at five easy peasy things you an do straight away to knock off five years. So why are we not doing these every day?

Smooth Fine Lines

Want to look Five Years Younger Today? We hear so much about retinols such as Retin-A are the fastest way to diminish deep wrinkles. They speed cell turnover, so skin looks smoother. But retinols have a potential downside: They can cause redness and flaking. If your skin is sensitive, try a serum laced with growth factors, instead. They are powerful yet gentle, helping repair cells and increase collagen, which may slow the formation of wrinkles-to-be. Women UK love the Nuskin Galvanic at home treatment. Click here for info

Even Out Skin Tone

Want to look Five Years Younger Today?  All those years of fun in the sun can leave you with lots of excess melanin. Translation: Major sun spots. Why? Over time, these melanin cells become damaged and produce too much colour, resulting in lasting dark splotches. To lighten them, try treatments that have melanin inhibitors (like N-acetyl glucosamine) and skin brighteners such as kojic, azelaic and ellagic acid. These block the enzyme that tells skin cells to make more pigment.

Blush Naturally

Hang your head upside down for 10 seconds, then stand up, noting which parts of your face have the most color, says Darac, a makeup artist in NYC. Pat cream blush on natural blushing points and the apple of each cheek; blend out toward your ears. Tap a pink powder over that with a flat-top brush for color that lasts beyond the bedroom.

Your Hair

Want to look Five Years Younger Today? Thick, luxurious hair is associated with youth (and the Kardashians!), but in a Procter & Gamble poll, 78 percent of women said their hair was anything but that. One reason: As we age, hair’s growth cycle shortens, so strands don’t reach their full potential. To make them look thicker, opt for a volumising mousse or root lifter with amino acids, which bond to the hair shaft and can fill in porous spots. Look back at photographs of yourself and if you are no longer wearing that exact outfit, you should not have the same haircut! The hairstyle that suited you ten years ago has no place for today. Change it!

Even women in their 20s can have dull, drab hair. Blame the torture that so many of us inflict on our hair every day. (Daily styling with scorching tools—ouch!) The problem is that heat and heavy brushing can roughen up cuticles, robbing hair of shine. To make cuticles lie flat so they reflect more light, apply a few drops of serum and work it evenly through dry hair. Choose one with botanical oils (such as argan oil), which create instant sleekness,

Your Underwear

Want to look Five Years Younger Today? Get a professional bra fitting, and don’t get hung up on the numbers (or letters). A good bra will elevate your chest to a higher altitude, giving you a longer, slimmer-looking waist, both of which read younger. Spanx is your new best friend, wear them with love as they can make you look younger instantly no matter what you are wearing!

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