UK Women had the good fortune to sample a healthy retreat that combines both luxury with an intense full body workout and fresh, wholesome food

Matt Roberts is a leading industry name for health and fitness. His clients include a range of prominent people from musicians through to politicians. He is also a leading health and fitness authority for several media outlets.

For many of us, juggling the school run, work and home, it is easy to make excuses not to exercise and to eat on the hoof. Matt is passionate about health and nutrition and his retreat at Lime Wood has been designed to show people how to implement small changes into their current routines. It is also structured to help people fully understand the benefits of good nutrition and regular exercise.

The two-day retreat combines the Matt Roberts dedicated training programme in the beautiful surroundings of Herb House Spa and the luxurious Lime Wood. The two full days of training include a whole host of activities from running through the forest, Pilates and Kettle Bells to cardiovascular and resistance training (five hours each day). Breakfast and lunch are served in the Raw and Cured food bar, which serves fresh, light and healthy meals; evening dinner is served in the prestigious Harnett Holder & Co restaurant in the main hotel. Once you have finished training on both days, you have full access to the beautiful Spa plus a couple of treatments, which are extremely welcome to help ease aching muscles!

women-review-limewood-kitchenHaving never been on anything like this before, I didn’t know what to expect and to be honest, I was a little nervous, however Matt, his team and the other attendees were all lovely and it’s surprising how you build up a kinship with complete strangers when you are supporting each other through difficult training sessions. The dining experience was fantastic with a great selection of delicious and generously proportioned dishes.

If you are looking to kick start changes to your lifestyle, the Matt Roberts Retreat at Lime Wood is an excellent way to do it in style.

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