Which Swimsuit Is Right?


We all look to Miami Swim Week to guide us in the right direction for that on point look on the beach with the most trendiest looks this Summer. Women UK look at the ten most popular trends to keep you looking smoking hot this Summer!

The number one look for this Summer is the nude look, Ladies, to pull this one off, you need to be  slim, toned and bronzed! Not very forgiving, this is perfect for you lovely gym toned bunnies out there! for the rest of us mere mortals, fear not…

Number two: Think bridal and think white… white is the new black… wear whatever shape to suit your shape, fake the tan and go all white. You can even accessorize with white sunglasses, flip flops and beach bag. You will surely impress!

Number three: One Shoulder Swimsuits, now we are talking, sexy all the way, no matter what your shape, you will look bang on trend with this look. Here at Women UK, we are loving loving loving this look.

Number Four: Sheer Cut Outs: Bold and brave, we are sure you will turn heads on the beach with this look. Not for the shy person in you, this is all about ‘look at me’ and we love it! Five

Number Five: Sky High Cuts: blast back from Baywatch and the 1980’s but the sky high leg cuts are all back in for this season. Really compliments those of us that are not blessed with mile high pins. Can definitely make the pins look longer but make sure waxing is all up to date 😉

Number Six: Strappy Bottoms! Great for those wanting to show off their perky bums. This look is all about the bum….

Number Seven: Wrap Around Tops: Sexy Tops are a real head turner and great if you want to detract from larger rears! Dress up in brighter colours and make a statement, this look is great to balance out pear shaped bodies.

Number Eight: Side Lacing: Get your sun tan criss crossed with the gorgeous side lacing swimsuits on offer this season. Suits most shapes….

Number Nine:  Crop Top Bikinis, with their high necks these are great to cover up larger busts and create that lean look while being bang on trend! Wear in any colour and you will look great!

Number Ten: Think shimmy and shake with your beach strut with side bikini tassels, another of the big trends this Summer. 

So whatever look you decide to go for, with this choice you are sure to be look fabulous, just wear plenty of sun screen and stay out of the midday sun.



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