Thinking of Ditching the Hair Colour?

Women UK look at gracefully going grey! or is there even such a thing?  Like many women over a certain age (and this is getting younger Ladies!) we wonder what life would be like without the constant covering up of the pesky grey hairs.


As we all know the colouring process is also a costly one so it is no wonder to think if it is worth it.  Add to that that for a big chunk of the month, the hair less than perfect because of roots starting to grey again, and you could argue that it may be better just to adapt to grey.

Grey has also become increasingly popular with even young starlets and we are bombarded with gorgeous looking women all sorting the grey look

Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of colouring your hair

  • Let’s face it grey hair usually does age you.
  • Having a funky color can really add to your style.
  • You can change colors whenever you feel like it.
  • Some grey colors are nice while others not so much. The current trend seems to be the lighter more silverly color grey. Your grey hair may have a completely different color though.
  • Letting your hair go grey may completely change your coloring. Clothes that have always looked good on you may no longer work.
  • Colour in your hair equals youth, right?

The advantages of going grey

  • You save a LOT of money every month. That is, if you stick to the color grey that your hair has. Your hair may need additional coloring though.
  • No more hassle of having to keep up with your roots. Save a lot of time AND money.
  • Freeing your hair on monthly chemicals may be beneficial to the actual quality of your hair.
  • You may look more natural. After a certain age people will expect you to have grey hair and will find it more natural that you are sporting a grey hairstyle.
  • Your change of coloring may actually be beneficial to you. Perhaps your new color grey suits your (paling) skin tone better.

It’s not an easy decision. Both the pros and cons are quite convincing. No matter what, it also takes a brave leap of faith to go grey and possibly an admission to our increasing years?  Best of luck with your decision!


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