Over the years, the UK Women team have been to a lot of spas – some fantastic, others not so good.   This recently lead to a conversation in the office about what criteria actually allows a spa to call itself a spa. I don’t think I’d be alone when I say that some spa days represent nothing more than a swimming pool with a sauna and steam room being sold as a ‘Spa Day’.

We then decided to search for the ultimate spa experience day and we think we’ve found it! Nirvana Spa, just on the outskirts of Reading must be, if not, one of the largest Spa’s in the UK.

With over 19000 members, Nivarna Spa is a Pure Water Spa with 4 pools inside (not including the floatation pool) and one out door pool.

The Surf Pool has 53 powerful jets which can be used to loosen a stiff neck, soothe tired feet or gently massage a tight calf or shoulder muscle. Built to our own design, Nirvana Spa’s Surf Pool has no equal and boasts more jets than any other available in the UK today. This room also features two plunge pools for those who are interested in the added benefits of hot and cold contrast therapy.

Whether you have joint pain, skin problems or feel highly stressed, floatation offers effective treatment for many conditions from the psychological to the physical. It is virtually impossible to remain stressed after a floatation session and for the treatment of joint pain, even after a single session, floatation can offer immediate relief. We did a 30 minute floatation (this has to be booked in advance) which is apparently equal to 8 hour sleep. This is the first time I’ve ever managed to sleep in water!

There are lots of areas for relaxing, saunas, steam rooms, whirl pools and many other attractions at the spa. The treatment list is extensive. The Declour Full Body Massage is definitely recommended – aimed to relax, detoxify, tone or stimulate with one of these tension-releasing, holistic treatments. Stresses and strains blissfully melt away and your skin is left feeling revitalised and velvety. And at £63 for a 55 minute treatment, it’s a great price.

Included in our say was a meal was from a salad bar which had plenty of variety including fish and meat dishes.  All soft drinks were included and you could drink as much as you wanted at no extra charge.  The cafe also served an a-la-carte menu, a variety of cakes and alcoholic drinks.
All in all, Nirvana Spa is the perfect Spa day for people of all ages. It is spacious and unlike many spas where you may struggle to spend more than a couple of hours, Nirvana Spa is definitely worth a full day out.

We travelled up from Bournemouth – it took just over an hour and a half to get there but it was well worth it and we’ll definitely be coming back.

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