Venice is one of the most stunning and alluring cities in the world. Located in northeast Italy, Venice is beautifully made up of a group of 118 islands, famously known for its intricate transport system of interconnected canals.

The look and feel of Venice is like something out of a fairy tale, with its narrow lantern lit streets, romantic gondola rides and its breath taking architecture. Standing in the middle of the magnificent Piazza san Marco is an experience in itself and is said to be the heart of Venice. Here you’ll find the Torre dell’Orologio (St. Mark’s clock tower) which is of great importance practical, historical and symbolic in the story of Venice. It displays the time of day, the dominant sign of Zodiac and the current phase of the moon it is an extraordinarily elaborate timepiece that is a must have on your sightseeing schedule. Another must see attraction found in the square is Campanile di San Marco standing at 324 feet is accommodates 5 bells, from the top of the campanile you have a great view over Venice and the lagoon. Weather permitting, you can see as far as the Alps! At the low cost of 8 euros per person to get to the top it is definitely worth the visit.

Art is a huge part of Italian culture and Venice is home to some of the most spectacular museums in the world such as the Museo Del Vetro (The museum of glass) and the Doges’ Palace also located in St. Mark’s Square. However if art and sightseeing is just not your style, Venice has a variety of other activities to immerse yourself in.

Venice offers one of the most unique shopping experiences, from designer stores such as Louis Vuitton, Armani, Gucci and Prada to the Old Italian markets and shops. The Rialto Market is one of the most popular markets in the area, it offers up fresh produce, oils, wines and pasta. Venice features a vast amount of gift stores, but if you’re looking for a unique gift and piece of Italy to take home to family and friends Murano glass is the perfect option. Murano glass is made on the Venetian island of Murano and is available in nearly every colour you can think of! You’ll find countless items such as paperweights, ornaments, jewellery, keyrings and even furniture all carefully crafted by Italian glassmakers.

When all that shopping and sightseeing gets too tiresome, relaxing on a lantern lit terrace enjoying a meal is the perfect way to spend an evening in Venice, and you won’t be short for choice on where to dine. Or if you prefer something a little bit more casual there are plenty of bakeries, café’s and of course ice cream parlours, after all Italy is home to the best ice cream in the world. If you’re a food fanatic a sweet treat to try during your stay in Venice is the Frittole made from eggs, flour, sugar, raisins and pine nuts, a real Italian delicacy.

Hotels in Venice are gorgeous no matter which one you choose; you’ll always be greeted by a gorgeous canal and the Italians vibrant and unique architecture. Hotel Moresco located right on Rio Dei Tolentini won the travellers choice award on Trip Advisor for gorgeous location, ease of access to transportation and above all the service, staff and beautifully furnished rooms decorated with old silk draperies, carved dark woods combined with contemporary furniture, with rates coming in at just under €400 per night your stay is sure to be a luxurious one. With over 1000 hotels on the island you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one to accommodate all your needs and requirements whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or in a group.

Venice is a unique city break experience whether it’d be for a family holiday, or to immerse yourself in the sights or for a romantic weekend getaway filled with culture and indulgence. With everything there is to do in Venice you won’t go home disappointed or shy away from telling everyone back home about your journey and experiences, and with everything there is too see you are sure to leave this incredibly diverse and vibrant island short of camera storage!

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